Photos of the Week – Week 13


This week has flown past which is good as we are now on holiday. The photos this week aren’t the best but it’s gone so quickly I’ve barely had any time to snap. Of course a flower picture. I loved the colour of this flower and it really brightened up the house. Not bad for…

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A Spot of Home Improvement

This year I seem to have been given a new job…a job that I’m not totally looking forward to it’s called home improvement. We’ve been living in this house for about 5 years and in that time we’ve only really decorated once and that was when he first moved in. At the moment everything is…

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Trying to live Eco Friendly

These days everyone is trying to live eco friendly and do their bit for the environment. It’s not always as easy as it seems. We haven’t always been the best over the years and have probably wasted lots of things that we shouldn’t have. Living in an eco friendly household not only helps the planet…

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