Savings Help with Nutmeg

nutmeg 2

Anyone who has children will know that saving money is near impossible but also very important. Both the girls have trust funds that they can’t touch until they’re 18 which will hopefully help them out with University fees or their first cars but we have very little in the way of savings and it’s time…

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#MySundayPhoto – Holiday Time

This week’s photo was taken on Thursday when I was leaving work to begin our 10 days off. I have edited the sky just to add a little contrast and add a little interest. As we’re away this week my commenting will take place over the next week. Thank you for everyone that takes the time…

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Photos of the Week – Week 13

This week has flown past which is good as we are now on holiday. The photos this week aren’t the best but it’s gone so quickly I’ve barely had any time to snap. Of course a flower picture. I loved the colour of this flower and it really brightened up the house. Not bad for…

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