Week 16 – Project 365


Day 103 – Sunny Days - With such a beautiful day the girls have spent a lot of it in the garden swinging around Day 104 – Easter Crafts - Today was mainly about creating some things for Easter Day 105 – Spelling - A little picture of Aly practising her spellings for school Day 106 – PlayDoh… 

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The Feed Run – CountryKids

Tractor Driving

This week’s Country Kids is from the host…Coombe Mill. Last week we spent the week in Cornwall and enjoyed everything that Coombe Mill has to offer and for that reason The Feed Run is our Country Kids post. I’m sure most are aware of what happens at Coombe Mill but for those of you that… 

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How to bring the outdoors indoors this rainy summer


Summer might be cropping up pretty soon but, as any resident of dear old Blighty knows, that doesn’t mean that every day will be blistering with sun. In fact, it’s more likely that clouds will start forming just as you get the BBQ lit. So, as you might expect, you’ll want to be prepared to… 

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