My 2 year Blogging Competition

So it’s official I have been blogging for 2 years now and as a thank you I have put together with the help of some brilliant companies a competition.

There will be just one winner drawn and the prizes are as follows

Galt trike

Tiny Trike from Galt – The Tiny Trike is an ideal first ride-on toy for a young child to discover the freedom of movement.


Make Your Own Sock Monkey from Rainbow CreationsMake your own sock monkey with these children’s craft kits.


Children’s Craft Pack from Rainbow CreationsChildren’s craft pack containing a mix of children’s craft supplies enabling children to be creative and have fun making their own craft projects.

78-020613155834 Stick on Gems from Rainbow Creations200 stick on gems supplied on a sheet of different shapes and colours.

40-190613132604 Craft Buttons from Rainbow CreationsAn assorted pack of mixed coloured craft buttons suitable for sewing, card making, jewellery making, sorting and threading.

73-250613171344 Large Gold and Silver Stars from Rainbow CreationsA set of gold stars and silver stars made from good quality metallic card which is white on the reverse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Child’s Blue Stars Fleece Hat Mitts 18-36 mths  from Jacaranda

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Blue fleece childs scarf with bright stars from Jacaranda


Mini Tripod For Compact Cameras. Table Top. from JackTheHat – Fantastic quality mini tripod. Suitable for use with compact cameras, small SLR and video cameras.


Jumpstart DVD Guide to The Essentials of Better Video from JackTheHat – A great guide to capturing better videos with your video camera on DVD.


Jumpstart DVD Guide to Shooting and Producing Great Videos from JackTheHat – A comprehensive guide to shooting and producing better videos with your video camera on DVD.


Alphablocks: Letter Teams Volume 3


The Adventures of Abney & Teal: Faraway Island


Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time


Character Options’ ChillFactor™ Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker


Children’s Cutlery Set Windsor Design in Box from Cutlery and Catering  - This child’s three piece  cutlery set is made of high quality  stainless steel and feels nice to hold in the hand.


Children’s Aprons PVC Barley Farm 3-5 from Cutlery and Catering – Barley Farm design, children’s apron.

Plus a £25 Sainsburys Gift Card

So there we have it a pretty full list of prizes. All you need to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form.

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  1. Victoria MyLittleLBlog says

    any present would be as its attention that is important, but i need to name one- M&S birthday chocolate cake

  2. anthony harrington says

    many congrats on the 2 years! my ideal gift would be the new gold Iphone 5 (more chance of getting a chocolate gold coin sweetie!)

  3. Gemma Summersby says

    My ideal gift would be a pair of Loubitons….but can’t see that happening haha! But as It’s my birthday next month….winning this comp ;-) hehe x

  4. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I really want a necklace with a charm on it for each of my children. I’ve been dropping hints all year so I just hope my boyfriend has been listening.

  5. Amy Beckett says

    I don’t know really – I love spending time with the family on my birthday that’s the best present really. For my 26ths my family went to a ABBA murder mystery night – it was soo cool. For my 27th my family including my dad went to see Biffy Clyro – seeing my dad getting dragging into a mosh pit was hilarious.

  6. Tracy Newton says

    A handy man / gardener would be brilliant. Then I can spend quality time with my family, instead of doing the house up.

  7. Alexia E says

    A few less grey hairs (lol) and quality time with my 1 and 3 year olds. I’d be happy with anything they had made me themselves. OK, an ipad would be brilliant too!! ;)

  8. Julie E Henderson says

    some candles and a good book and easy listening cd so i could hide away in the evening in the bath and have an hour to myself

  9. says

    My ideal birthday present would be a day out with my husband and son, not really doing anything, just going for a nice long walk and then stopping somewhere for a cup of tea and a big slice of chocolate cake!

  10. Margaret says

    Its my birthday next month….. i’d love a tummy tuck. After having 6 kids & 4 c-sections, my stomach isn’t looking that good. So i’d love a tummy tuck to get rid of my saggy stomach. A cheaper present….. i’d love a new diary or notebook for 2014 :)

  11. Marie says

    A lovely sunny day out with my two girls and hubby – something stress free and relaxing (yeah right!) My oldest is 3 today and she had a play doh set – we’ve all had fun with that, so maybe an adult sized version would be fun!

  12. Lynn Savage says

    My ideal birthday present would be a day by myself with time to do what i want to and maybe a nice quiet romantic meal with hubby by ourselves.

  13. angie colby says

    A pampering session, hair, getting nails done, that kinda stuff. Being a busy mum, time for me is non-existent, so to have my nails done for the first time would be awesome! (although I doubt they would last long haha!)

  14. Catherine V says

    My ideal present would be a Teksta Robotic Puppy, as cute as the real thing with no feeding & “the other” to deal with. :-)

  15. Vicky Allum says

    My kindle got broken during my house move, so one of them would be nice. Thanks for this fantastic competition :)

  16. Bernie says

    Hubby to take a day or two off work and do all the odd jobs around the house – that we have been waiting years for him to get around to.

  17. marina frow says

    i would love a morning to myself, a lie in, get ready at leisure and then lunch and shopping with my family!

  18. Katie Witherington says

    My operation that keeps getting postponed as will drastically improve my life. Failing that a nice day out with husband

  19. Michael Clyma says

    A walk in the country with my family, followed by a lovely pub meal, ending the evening tenpin bowling , a great day, full of laughs , and memories to last a lifetime

  20. Rosalind Blight says

    A weekend away one day of clothes shopping (where the money doesn’t com e from my bank) and another day at the spa. A girl can dream lol

  21. Jo Carroll says

    My ideal birthday present would be to be given an extra 5 hours in every day to do what I most love. Time is the most precious thing and I never seem to have enough of it. x

  22. lorna garratt says

    i don’t really need anything but if i had to choose something it would be some emerald earrings to go with my ring my husband got me a couple of years ago

  23. suzanna gentle says

    A chocolate cake, with chocolate fudgy icing and chocolate butter cream, coveredin chocolate flakes. Maybe some chocolate on the side too.

  24. Jessica L says

    All I want for my birthday is a ‘me’ day without having to lift a finger for anyone else. Get up when I want, eat what I want, when I want, and watch whatever I want on telly…. Sounds like being a teenager again!

  25. sarah robertson says

    A hug from my wee monkey always fills me with pride! (not literally a monkey just in case I have animal protection agency at my door!!!!)

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