1. Tas D says

    So cute how she’s fallen asleep on the floor. I’m very jealous of your beautiful office view!

  2. Elaine Livingstone says

    love the fallen asleep on the floor pic. Best bit of baking is the spoon!! The princess has a very serious little face on her….lol

  3. Susan says

    A special set of photos. I love the definition of the first shot and of course the little one asleep on the floor is priceless

  4. Jennypaulin says

    i love how kids can just fall asleep anywhere and in any position. MY OH also has this skill espcially in the evenings on the sofa or bean bag lol
    love the spoon licking shots – best bit about making cakes x

  5. stressymummy says

    You can’t beat a bit of spoon licking in my opinion. I love the first shot the clouds are amazing and we have that iron too and I am quite excited to see what it’s like.

  6. Coombe Mill (Fiona) says

    Sweet pictures of the girls especially sleeping on the carpet and licking the spoons!

  7. says

    The view from your office is astounding, I think it must be so peaceful to have that to ground yourself. Mia looks gorgeous and so grown up in that photo of her as the princess.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.