Celebrate with OneDad3Girls & Galt Toys

You may have seen but at BritMums Live a few weeks back I had the amazing honour of winning two BiBs awards. One was for Social Media and the other was as part of the LoveAllDads Podcast team in the Innovate category. As a special celebration my amazing BritMums sponsor Galt Toys have said I can run a competition to win one of these amazing trikes.

Galt Toys Tiny Trike


A true classic that is the ideal first ride on for any child. It’s strong and robust and has survived two of my children which is always a tough test.

The Galt Tiny Trike is an ideal first ride on toy for young children to discover the freedom of movement and develop their motor skills.

The trike is built from hardwood for strength and durability with safety steering lock and dual front wheels for added stability. With so much fun to be had, they won’t even realise they’re honing key movement and balance skills as they travel, reverse, turn and park all over the house and garden.  

Without the help of Galt Toys going to BritMums wouldn’t have been possible. Please take the time to visit GaltToys for lots of educational toys including arts & crafts.

The competition will run until Sunday 27th July and to enter just fill in this Rafflecopter form

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  1. Tanya Camilleri says

    I’d love to win an award for creative crafty ideas for kids! My daughter and I are always creating things and it’s great fun.

  2. Susie Wilkinson says

    I’d love recognition for being a good, honest, caring person, I do try to be, not for any award or recognition, but it would be nice sometimes to get a little’ thank you’

  3. cathy creighton says

    id like to win an award to recycling im really into it and waste very little and im teaching my kids to recycle and reuse things so that we can enjoy our beautiful world forever

  4. steven young says

    ‘Best Dad That’s Ever Walked The Planet’ award would be very special!

  5. Tracy Nixon says

    I would like an award for supporting and giving advice to parents of premature a babies. I received a lot of councelling and support from other parents when I lost two of my triplets then went on to help others myself. I think it helps to talk to others who have been through similar.

  6. Faye Reed says

    Mother of the year award, it would be the ultimate recognition for all the hard work uswomen go through.

  7. Corrin Davies says

    I’m a SAHM so my award would be for eternal tidying in the face of futility ;)

  8. Nicola Battensby says

    An award for being a mum who can juggle many things at once and come out smiling all the time

  9. Catherine Culmer says

    I would love to win something to say I’d inspired someone to helped them. In my day job I help people a lot, but it would mean more if it wasn’t something I was paid to do.

  10. Caroline H says

    I’d love to win the Man Booker prize (but I still have to start the book!).

  11. Alice Matthews says

    The ball jugglers award – trying to keep many (methophorical) balls in the air at once, with a smiling face.

  12. nicci cowdell-murray says

    for my inappropriate laughter at times i shouldnt…. its the only thing im good at :(

  13. Marie says

    Best Mum – because I want to be the best I can for my little man! And after a week of him cutting two teeth, conjunctivitis and a fever I’m feeling a wee bit under par right now!! :)

  14. olivia Kirby says

    I am trying to lose weight at the moment so I’d like to win a 3 stone off award haha!

  15. Allan Smith says

    I’d love to win a Biscuit Dunking award. For dunking the most biscuits in one minutes :D

  16. angela sandhu says

    Award for making the most inventive meals out of whats in the fridge before shopping day!

  17. Sarah Wyatt says

    I think “Best Mum” Award would be the best award I could imagine – it’s very easy to doubt yourself!

  18. Barbara Handley says

    Neighbour of the year for the sheltered housing where I live. There is not actually such an award but it would be nice.

  19. Tracy Sinclair says

    I’d love to win an award for making the best Sunday Roast, if only and of course, the best mum award x

  20. Mrs Rachel Heap says

    Most perfect mother, we know that there is no such thing as perfection yet we all strife for it

  21. sara yarnell says

    Baking award – my family loves my baking, would love to think it could win awards!

  22. Leigh Larkin says

    An award for ‘always look on the brightside of life’. My parents would be extra proud as they are big Monty Python fans :)

  23. Kelly Hooper says

    My husband said I should get an award for being the biggest skinflint! :O How Rude! lol

  24. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says

    Singing is my passion…I used to sing in a little Band many moons ago…and I often daydream that we were plucked from obscurity and won tons of awards, and finally…finally…maybe my eldest son would say “Mum….you ARE cool!” lol

  25. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    I’d love to win an award for being the Mom of the best sleeping child, award! Don’t think it’s going to happen though ;)

  26. christy beckett says

    I want o win an award for the best cookie maker in the world, well thats what my children say I am x

  27. Louise Kat Whittaker says

    the ultimate feeder award! apparently I make too much food when we have visitors lol

  28. Keeley Atkinson says

    Best cook. At least in my house anyway. I’d have to win being the only cook hahaha :P

  29. Parise says

    I would like to win an award for how clean my plate is after eating. You would wonder if there was any food on it…and if there are bones you would wonder if they ever had meat on them. #nofoodleftbehind