An easy night in for parents

In many households, it’s easy to suspect that a typical night or evening in involves a lot of work for the parents. Children need to fed, entertained and looked after. Whilst this is the joy of raising a family, the hard work involved can make it very tiring for any parent.

As such, it’s understandable that you may need a break or, at the very least, an evening that doesn’t require the usual workloads – and here are a few tips on how to achieve it.


When children come home from school, one of the first thoughts they have will be over what’s for dinner that night. For parents this means finding a suitable meal that is both tasty and nutritious; appealing to your child’s taste buds whilst ensuring they get the nutrients they need to aid their development and growth. Striking this balance is difficult, particularly if you’ve had a busy day at work, and this is where alternatives are needed.

Ordering in can prove beneficial and you’ll be surprised at the healthy options which are available for those concerned about filling their kids up with too much fat or additives. If the thought of travelling to your local takeaway is less than appetising then why not order in? This way you don’t have to battle with the kids on the way there and can spend quality, family time together waiting for your food delivery.

If you live in Bath, for instance, you need only look up online: food delivery restaurants. Wherever you are, this is a much simpler approach than having to get the children out of the door and still gives you a high quality meal to enjoy together.


Of course, everyone likes to be entertained and part of taking things easy is finding entertainment that suits everyone. This will vary depending on the ages and tastes of the individual family members but it’s easy to find some common ground.

One of the easiest examples is a movie. A cheap DVD rental can provide a couple of hours fun from the comfort of your own home. Likewise, board games and other group experiences can be rewarding, so long as the game in question isn’t too hectic or aggressive.

These are only a few suggestions but they should help demonstrate the advantages of a quiet night in, as well as showing that the parents don’t need to work every night.