Getting your kids to eat healthy

Practically every parent knows that kids and their fruits and vegetables don’t always get along as the best of friends. When one bite of broccoli is a battle it can leave many parents dreading getting the recommended 5 a day in. When, “It’ll make you grow up big and strong!” just doesn’t cut it, here are some ways to get your kids to eat more fruit and veg.

-Use unhealthy snack foods only treats for treats or special occasions

Save the candy or chocolates for a once a week treat or celebrations. It’s also a great way to reward good performance or behaviour at school.

-Set a good example

Kids naturally follow their parent’s lead, and if you’re not eating your veg or you shun the fruit bowl in favour of a packet of crisps they will notice (and probably tell you, too!).

-Make healthy foods your family snack foods

Snacks are an important part of life. They’re in the lunch box at school and the first thing at hand when you get home. Easy to eat foods like grapes, carrot sticks, and apple slices are perfect for this and can be cut up in advance so they’re ready to eat.

-Make smoothies

Making smoothies is a fun way to get more fruit by transforming them into drinks. All you really need is a blender and some of your favourite fruits. Frozen fruits are great for smoothies, as you can have things like berries any time of year. Also fun is getting the kids to invent and name their own smoothie recipes. They can make a “Beth’s Bluest Blueberry” or “Mummy’s Strawberry Delight” or anything their hearts desire!

-Let them pick out their favourites

There is almost nothing kids like more than freedom of choice. Let them point out their favourite fruits and vegetables at the store, and then select it themselves. It gets them excited about taking the fruit or veg home and eating it, not to mention they get to learn more about foods and how to choose the ripest fruits.

Eating healthy food doesn’t have to be a chore for parents or kids. Setting a positive example and keeping fruit and veg readily available will go a long way to winning the battle, but getting kids engaged in picking out and making food will help, too!

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    Great post! I think half the battle is in the food choices you give them when they’re really young. My first never wanted chocolate or cake as I never fed them to her before the age of 1, so she had little interest! And mine will now only eat brown bread, because that’s what they’ve been raised on! As long as you never make the veggies out to be the bad guys, and sweets the holy grail, you’re fine! x