My Ideal BBQ #guysandgirlsbehindthegrill

Right bare with me I newish to this Pinterest world. Above (if it’s worked) should be my creation, a collection of yummy delights, BBQ ideas and generally things that will help your BBQ go off in style.

I’ve tried to put together a collection of stuff that our family would enjoy hence why there are a few vegetarian options for my wife and some fruity options as the girls love their fruit.

Like many houses in the UK we don’t have a massive garden so things like the BBQ hut are things I can dream of but mixed in with that is the wine bottle night light that is cheap but so effective.

Now I am not a BBQ expert and I know lots of you will have better ideas on what makes a good BBQ so fire away, what tips and tricks can you offer me? Have you also created a Pinterest with some of you’re BBQ recipes or ideas?