It’s all about saving money

With the way things are it’s so important to look after and save money. My wife isn’t working at the moment so things are a bit tight so we only spend money when we really need to spend money we try where we can to get a good deal or use a voucher code.

When we got approached by VoucherCodes to try out their website we thought yep we’ll give that a go, I mean who doesn’t like to save money?

To be honest I’ve never actually used a voucher site before so I was keen to see what the fuss was all about. I like websites that are simple and easy to use and this site doesn’t disappoint. To make things simple the site has 4 headers at the top of the page, Top 20 Codes, All Stores A-Z, Restaurant Vouchers and Categories. What could be easier?

Basically all you need to go is select one of those headers or type what you’re looking for. The site will bring up a whole host of offers, some with money off codes and others with things like free delivery and some with just general sales which you may never have known about.

We were looking for a tent for the girls to sleep in and we looked under the Sports and Outdoors category and a whole host of options came up from all sorts of companies some we’d heard of and others we hadn’t. Once we’d found the site and offer we just had to enter the code and the discount was applied, it really is as easy as that.

So what did we buy?


And how did the night in the tent go…well I’ll save that for another time.

We we’re given a small fee to help try out this voucher site, all thoughts and opinions are our own.