Looking at the Night’s Sky

When I was living at home my bedroom was above the garage which meant I had slanted ceilings and I can’t tell you the number of times I banged my head on them.

This was a pretty cool room and friends we’re jealous of the fact my room was a little different from the usual box room. As well as the odd shaped room my windows were on the slanted ceilings so when I laid on my bed I could look out at the stars of a night which was also pretty cool for a while.

After a few months there was a problem, the moon is actually pretty bright and it lit up my room like a spotlight. So after me telling my mum that I wouldn’t need a blind on the window I had to go and confess I was actually wrong.


After searching around and came across VELUX® and after reading up we found there is only one type to go for and it’s a VELUX blind, of course there was one catch the fact I had to fit it myself and at the age of 15 I was let loose with the needed tools and I actually managed to do it without falling out of the window.

The bonus was it actually worked pretty well and the one I had also allowed you to close the blind fully or midway which when the sun came out was pretty handy. Now if only I could find a way of converting our loft into an office I could have a whole roof full of skylight windows.

This post is sponsored by VELUX