A Meal for 2 from Ilumi

Ever since the girls were little we have always tried to have dinner as a family so that sometimes means that we need a quick dinner to fit in with the timings of them and this usually works well. When a company called Ilumi asked if we fancied a meal for 2 we decided to give it a go.

So who is ilumi?

We’ve been cooking up nut-, gluten- and milk-free foods for nearly a decade here in beautiful County Durham. Our team of chefs and nutritionists are creative and allergen-savvy: they know which ingredients are safe, and how to combine them to create delicious meals you can trust.

So we both picked a main meal with a side dish to go with it and gave it a whirl.

Mrs OD3G picked

Spanish Style Fish Stew

Spanish Style Fish Stew

This is a mild Marinated Hoki fish which is cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, white wine and red chilli with a hint of lemon. The portion size is for one person and it’s a pretty good size for one person. It was full of flavour and not too spicy.

She had this with Spiced Mushroom Rice

Spiced Mushroom Rice

This is a mix of brown basmati and wild rice with chestnut mushrooms, slow cooked with vegetable stock and spices. Again a good portion size for one person and stuffed full of mushrooms.

For my meal I picked Cantonese Style Chicken

Cantonese Style Chicken

Now I love all types of chicken dishes so I was really keen to try this, this is not too spicy and full of flavour. You get a lot of pieces of chicken in this package and they are big chunks on chicken not slivers. A really good Chinese dish.

To go with mine I picked Brown Long Grain Rice

Brown Long Grain Rice

With my meal I kept it simple with brown rice. The rice wasn’t dry but nice and fluffy just as rice should be.

All in all we were happy with our meals and would buy from them in the future. All these meals are microwavable and take just 1 – 2 mins and prices start from £1.00ish for the rice and £3.75 for the meals.

To see the full range head over the the ilumi website

We were sent these items for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.