A Pinterest Challenge #MyIdealDinnerParty

I have fallen in love with Pinterest, sorry it’s true and for a bit of fun I thought I’d try a little challenge which you are more than welcome to join in with.


The ideal is to create a Pinterest board called MyIdealDinnerParty and put together a collection of around 15 different pins. The pins can range from the meals for the guests, the ideal setting, drinks and even celebrity guests it you like.

With so many things on Pinterest the real difficulty will be narrowing it down but feel free to add more if you like. If you do take part it would be nice to use the hashtag #MyIdealDinnerParty and then I will try a RT a few and also try and use a few of them in a blog round up.

If you could blog your final board by the 7th October that would be brilliant and come back and link them up here.

If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest that would be brilliant, my account is OneDad3Girls