Week 6 – Project 365

Another week of 2014 bites the dust and now that means in 8 weeks time we’ll be on holiday at Coombe Mill.


Day 33 – A splash of colour – Trying to add a splash of colour to an otherwise gloomy weekend.


Day 34 – Shhhhh – Day 34 and I planned a photo of us recording the Podcast but that didn’t happen due to co-stars being ill etc so today’s photo is of a cute and sleepy Mia


Day 35 – Just a normal day in Lewes – You’d always expect to see this going up the town. The horses are from Harvey’s Brewery at the bottom of the town and they make their way up the town and deliver the ale.


Day 36 –   Google+ Hangout – This photo was taken while taking part in a Google+ Hangout and also a webinar just afterwards. Boring aren’t I?


Day 37 – A small sign of spring – In all this wind and rain we came across a small sign that spring will hopefully soon be here.


Day 38 – Harveys – Today I took a little walk down to the river in Lewes as it was a nice day and took this photo looking at Harvey’s Brewery.


Day 39 – Grown up – Today my two girls had their haircut and while sitting there Aly looked so grown up.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this round up and click the badge to see the other Project365 entries.

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  1. says

    love the orchid, great colour and close up. Oh dear on being ill for their podcast, and I agree she is very cute asleep. Have to say wow at the horse and cart still being used, how novel.

  2. Leanne Rain says

    Orchids are my favourite!! ive got one exactly the same colours as yours and its the toughest plant I know! Its the only one I haven’t yet killed :/ lol… Aly looks very grown up getting her hair cut :) #project365

  3. sarahmo3w says

    Lovely photos as ever. Lewes looks a beautiful town and love the sighting of a daffodil! I can’t wait for spring :)

  4. says

    Beautiful orchid picture and Mia looks so cute sleeping (hope everyone is better now) and the Harveys one brings back memories – so remember that brewing smell over the town when I was at school.

  5. says

    Aly looks so grown up having hr hair cut goodness i almost did not recognise her. look at you having your google + hangout – very pro :) sory your co-stars were poorly last weekend i assume they are all back to health now x

  6. says

    Love the horse and cart, I used to work for a drinks company in Scotland, and there were old photos of the dray men delivering like this back in the day, so cool that they still do it there

  7. says

    A great set of photos; love the flower and the shot of Mia sleeping is gorgeous. It is lovely to see the flowers starting to come through; spring is on the way!